Welcome to Heartland Apothecary


We specialize in compounded medications, nutraceuticals, laser therapy, skin care, and weight loss.  Our pharmacy focuses on compounded and specialized therapy. Our facility has been designed to offer you an amazing experience. Our lab has been equipped with state of the art equipment to ensure you have a positive experience every time!  We are members of PCCA and our staff has been trained in both sterile techniques and proper compounding procedures.  We also perform random potency and stability compound testing. Ask your pharmacy for their reports.

Speak to us

Our pharmacists provide one-on-one consultations to discuss your needs.  We can work with your physician and provide a thorough assessment based on your medical history, specific issues, and current medications. We can track your progress and determine what changes have helped the most!  After a brief consultation we will discuss possible compounding solutions and an optimal regimen of nutraceuticals. We will then provide you and your physician with our recommendations. If you don’t have a physician, we can help you as well. We work with many providers who can help you with your needs!