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Mito-Cell PPQ Review

Mitochondrial Support (Mito Cell-PPQ) I decided try out a new product that I have been hearing quite a bit about, Mito Cell-PPQ.  It is a mitochondria support formula that does a number of things, and has a good chemical breakdown. I will copy what their site has below. There has been quite a lot of research in mitochondria repair and at the last conference I went to I picked up some great articles to do some research on and dig a little deeper.  My overall take was that correcting methylation issues can help support your mitochondria (A major energy supplier) and improve overall issues with your immune and nervous symptoms. Why is this important? Have you felt mentally and physically exhausted and find yourself sick all the time? This is where this supplement can help fill that gap. By keeping your systems that orchestrate the chaos in order, our body is able to function much more efficient. I like to compare the chaos that would occur without proper methylation to cars in traffic when a red light goes out in a busy street- Not Good.  After taking this product I can say within the first few days I did feel much better. I am very active in sports and other activities so I can tell fairly quickly when something is not working well. I definitely can tell it does help you recover faster from strenuous activities whether mental or physical. It is a little expensive but I think it's worth it when you are trying to get yourself back on track. NEW EXCLUSIVE FORMULA created by a nationally renowned Neuro-Immune Specialist. This formula is recommended to help naturally support the decline of mitochondrial function