PhosphatidylSerine- Stress/Memory/Does it work

A question we get in the pharmacy is what is Phosphatidylserine(PS) used for? First it's a long word to pronounce (say it 3 times fast)- and secondly its not well know to a lot of patients that we talk to.  Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a member of the membrane phospholipids that can be found in the brain. So much so that several studies have done research to see if it helps with memory, stress, and other functions your brain has a role in. Imagine taking something every day and realizing you have a better memory, have less stress, and are sleeping a lot better!  Several clinicians and scientists thought the same things and several studies have been undergoing way.  One study I found interesting which you can find here ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2966935/)  and a interesting fact they found which I will post here.---  "However, in the subjects with relatively low score at baseline, the memory scores in PS treated groups were significantly increased against the baseline, while those of placebo group remained unchanged.  This study showed that memory scores on testing data show it improved. Another studies shows improvement in emotional states (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4271139/) Personally I have seen patients transform their lives with this supplement. They feel less anxious, less stressed and are able to rest.  Our brand of Phosphatidylserine is derived from sunflowers, the traditional extraction is taken from soybean.  Stop by and we will be glad to give you more information or talk to you about your other supplement needs.

Mito-Cell PPQ Review

Mitochondrial Support (Mito Cell-PPQ) I decided try out a new product that I have been hearing quite a bit about, Mito Cell-PPQ.  It is a mitochondria support formula that does a number of things, and has a good chemical breakdown. I will copy what their site has below. There has been quite a lot of research in mitochondria repair and at the last conference I went to I picked up some great articles to do some research on and dig a little deeper.  My overall take was that correcting methylation issues can help support your mitochondria (A major energy supplier) and improve overall issues with your immune and nervous symptoms. Why is this important? Have you felt mentally and physically exhausted and find yourself sick all the time? This is where this supplement can help fill that gap. By keeping your systems that orchestrate the chaos in order, our body is able to function much more efficient. I like to compare the chaos that would occur without proper methylation to cars in traffic when a red light goes out in a busy street- Not Good.  After taking this product I can say within the first few days I did feel much better. I am very active in sports and other activities so I can tell fairly quickly when something is not working well. I definitely can tell it does help you recover faster from strenuous activities whether mental or physical. It is a little expensive but I think it's worth it when you are trying to get yourself back on track. NEW EXCLUSIVE FORMULA created by a nationally renowned Neuro-Immune Specialist. This formula is recommended to help naturally support the decline of mitochondrial function

Immune system supplements – Keep the flu away!

It's that time again when the weather changes and immune systems always take a dip. You have probably seen the number of flu shots being offered at clinics and pharmacies. While the flu shot didn't work very well last year it is still recommended you get a flu shot. We have many patients who prefer to boost their immune system with a more natural route. I have listed some of the most popular products we carry that can help keep you healthy these upcoming seasons. Stop by and we will be glad to help you figure out what will work best with your body and determine an appropriate dose and combination to fit you. Material prepared by Erin Coombs- South College Pharmacy Student (2016 candidate)- Great Job Erin- Ben Immune System Restore + (Beta Glucans and Quercitin) Immune System Restore + contains beta glucans which can stimulate the immune system. Immune system restore also contains quercitin which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Candicidal (Ginger) Candicidal promotes healthy gastrointestinal function and contains ginger which have antioxidant properties and supports the immune system. Garlix This product contains allicin and allin which functions as an antioxidant and supports the immune system. (Zinc) Zinc Glycinate or others forms of zinc promotes both immune and reproductive health and contains antioxidant properties Oregano Oil-(Carvacrol) An oil you wouldn't think has many properties but it actually has several. Oregano Oil contains carvacrol which have antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral activity. Vitamin C - Vitamins C has antioxidant properties and helps maintain immune function. Turmeric 1000 (Curcuminoids) Turmeric contains curcuminoids which have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. X-VIROMIN (Multivitamin/Supplement) -X-VIROMIN significant ingredients include spleen, thymus, and parotid extracts used to boost the immune system.

Do you need DHEA ( Dehydroepiandrosterone)?

DHEA is a hormone many people simply overlook. It is one of the most important hormones in my opinion that you make. DHEA is fairly plentiful at a young age but as you progress into your 30's-40's levels begin to decline, and you may start feeling the effect of this decline. DHEA mainly comes from the adrenal gland, and if you know much about the adrenal gland you know how important it is. The adrenals are responsible for producing aldosterone which helps to control blood pressure, cortisol which helps to regulate metabolism and stress as well as other important hormones. DHEA is an androgen and can be used to build testosterone. Remember, testosterone is great for mental focus and energy. DHEA also can help regulate the bad effects of to much cortisol, and improve your immune system, increase energy tho and libido as well as decrease recovery time. We have a special blend we recommend but women dose anywhere from 10-25 mg a day of DHEA. Men will take between 25mg-50mg of DHEA daily. As a patient myself who takes it I began to notice effects from it within 6 weeks, the main effect was better quality of sleep. Stop by or contact us for more information regarding DHEA Heartland Apothecary

It’s a lifestyle change

When you work with as many patients as a pharmacist does you begin to notice patterns. These patterns become evident with particular disease states.  An example is a patient who always eat a majority of his/her diet in carbohydrate rich foods, overweight, and does very little exercise. They tell you their glucose levels are getting higher and you inform them that a proper diet and exercise program will help reduce the level.  Fast forward a year and now the patient is on cholesterol medication,and a medication for diabetes.  As your educate the patient on the medications and the bill for the medication is presented the patient exclaims, "I should have listened to you!"  This is not uncommon for me to hear once a week.  The other day a patient told me that the way she has lived her life has created all of her health problems and was it to late.  The answer is it's never to late to start getting healthier. You have to make smart choices, and you don't have to spend a lot to make them.  Let me give you some ideas. If your trying to lose weight and can't do the following. Get an account with fatsecret.com Log everything you eat and drink At the end of the week you can view your calories and what proportion is made up of fat,protein, and carbohydrates. Reduce the overall amount of calories by 10 percent If you eat 3500 calories a day which is equal to a pound, and reduce it by 350 calories a day(ten percent), you would drop 1.5 pounds every two weeks. Add in  some exercise and your are going to lose more calories which will help with weight loss Having

Heartland Apothecary 5th Yr Anniversary

We can't believe it has almost been 5 years since we opened our business in Knoxville.  Thank you everyone for your support and patronage!  We have helped thousands of patients across Tennessee feel better, and get to work with great providers every day. We want to send you a special invitation to visit our pharmacy, tour the facility, and have a good time.  We hope to see you there!   Come Celebrate with us on March 12, 2015  Cake and Punch all day 5pm-8pm ( hors d'oeuvres and drinks) Door Prizes, Gifts and More!

Inflammation and the Gut

Search the topic of this post and you will find countless articles discussing the origin of inflammation.  My belief as well as other professionals is that inflammation starts in the gut, and then leads to a host of other problems. When is the last time you have had a blood test that looks for allergens which include foods, herbs, and other chemicals. I find that many people are taking multiple things that they find out later are allergic to. I would definitely recommend taking one to see what you are reactive to. Lets quickly review the inflammatory process.  Inflammation occurs when you have some type of bodily injury. This can be from contact, or in many cases something eaten such an an allergen. Your body fights this inflammation with many different methods.  One process that occurs is the release of white blood cells and other chemicals. White blood cells and signaling chemicals help protect your body from foreign substances. The end result is increased blood flow to the area of injury, usually fluids move into the area causing swelling, and usually patients see redness or warmth at that area. With this process in mind, think how it effects your GI (Gastro-Intestinal) system.  If you are eating foods that constantly inflame your gut how healthy do you think it is in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? Medications such as antibiotics and other products can damage your GI lining or destroy good bacteria.  Our GI system allows certain things to be absorbed and other things to be passed through. Leaky gut has been a topic of interest for years. If you have chronic inflammation your GI system may begin to let more things through then it should leading to other problems.

Essential Oils with Morgan Ward

Essential oils at Heartland Apothecary Essential oils are the highly concentrated essences of plants. They maybe used as part of the plant's immune system or have other multiple functions. One thing to note is that essential oils are 75 to 100 times more concentrated than the oils in dried herbs. Most commonly essential oils are extracted using steam distillation. Steam travels through the plant which results in the oil being released in a vaporized form. Other forms are is using expression methods- most commonly used on citrus oils. To give you an idea of how many plants it takes to make a pound of essential oil look below. You might find the number staggering.            1 lb of essential oil for each requires 50 pounds of eucalyptus 150 pounds of lavender 500 pounds of rosemary 1,000 pounds of jasmine   So what are essential oils used for?  I've listed several below. Basil-  people comment that they feel energized and refreshed with a few drops Citronella- can be added to cleaners and you can make your own bug spray with it! Frankincense- can help with anxiety and stress Peppermint-  when mixed with a lotion has been used for headaches. It can also be put in a diffuser. Morgan's Favorite Essential oils and blends Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, Clove, Tea tree oil Favorite blend - Peppermint and lavender (used when washing and cleaning) Cough, Colds, Sinusitis- Peppermint and lavender in the diffuser Tea tree oil in a lotion for skin or conditioner Eucalyptus- in a diffuser for a cough (small amount) Thieves- immune system support For more information regarding oils contact Morgan at Heartland Apothecary!

Supplements and MTHFR

As someone who has family and friends with MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) mutation. I have done quite a bit of research pertaining to its effects, how to help those affected, and their long term goals.  MTHFR is not the end of the world, though it does require testing to determine the polymorphism (variations) in the gene. Simply said MTHFR is necessary for amino acid processing and converting  5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate to  5-methyltetrahydrofolate. It also helps to convert homocysteine to methionine, another amino acid. So what does this mean, and how does if effect someone with MTHFR mutations? Lets start with the basics on folate. Folate is a b-vitamin that must be supplied through food or supplements. Simply put, we can not make it, so we rely on foods or supplements "enriched" with folate. Folate (folic acid) does several things I would deem pretty important. It is used to make and repair DNA, and is linked to neurotransmitter production which helps with anxiety, depression, and mental clarity. Folic acid is utilized when cells are rapidly dividing and growing, such as in pregnancy. One of the main reasons pregnant women take folic acid is to prevent neural tube defects, which is when the spinal column doesn't close completely. Folic acid also helps to produce healthy red blood cells. Inadequate amounts of red blood cells can ultimately lead to a lack of oxygen delivery to tissues, pretty important considering organs such as your heart and tissues need oxygen. Folic acid also reduces homocysteine which is an amino acid that can lead to endothelial cell damage. Endothelial cells are typically found on the interior of tissues and can be found from the heart to your smallest vessels. So is folic acid