Supplement for focus- Clari-T

At Heartland we carry several brands of supplements. Our product manager is constantly reviewing what we have and the new things that have come out. We generally meet several times a week to discuss supplements, and go over our existing ones. One of the issues we continually face is the sheer number of good products out there and reviewing which ones we need for our patients. One of the many issues we have been looking at is attention span, mood, and overall well being.  A growing issue with no end in sight is the amount of medications patients take to stay focused and positive.  I believe that this issue has increased due to several factors, economy, lifestyle, diet, and the number of distractions now present in our daily society. Our manager decided to bring in a product after discussion called Clari-T, and being skeptical with many products I decided to try it. First, let me explain what Clari- T is.   It's a chewable Tyrosine tablet (naturally occurring amino acid) that is used to promote an increase in norepinephrine levels and other neurotransmitters. We have discovered that raising levels of norepinephrine provides an energizing effect. It has also been used to support positive mood, focus, and fatigue. This product had great reviews so I decided to try it for a month to study the effects on myself. I'm not a person who likes to eat sweets so  to warn you, the taste does have mild stevia taste followed by an orange flavor. It's not bad, and doesn't linger very long when your drink a glass of water behind it .  The first thing I noticed after a few days was definitely a pickup in energy.

Neurotransmitter Testing

Neurotransmitter testing Ref: magalieswellnesscentre.com   I've had a number of questions come up about neurotransmitters. What are they, what do they do, and are they important?  Neurotransmitters are the brain chemicals that communicate information throughout our brain and body. They help send the signal to the appropriate place.  An example would be if you ate something salty, and decide that your thirsty and get some water to drink.  Your body has has responded to a signal of thirst. What if that signal for drinking water never happened- you might find yourself in trouble if you never took in fluids. Do you ever wonder what drugs like amphetamines (Adderall) or antidepressants help stimulate or block? If you guessed neurotransmitters you are correct. Drugs similiar to Adderall have been show to increase dopamine and norphinephrine.  A rise in dopamine has been associated with increase attention span, hence its used in ADHD. A deficiency in neurotransmitters can be a marker when things your going through don't make sense. Symptoms such as such as fatigue, sudden weight gain, anxiousness  sleep difficulties, inability to complete a task can be from many different causes.  With the ability to test for neurotransmitters, a provider can look at the specific imbalances and evaluate what might be the best best approach instead of starting you on a medication and hoping for the best. Neurotransmitters can be tested in the the urine and takes only a few minutes to complete out the paperwork needed to send off for your results.  The lab results are sent back to your provider and they can go over the test and make recommendations based of the labwork.  There are many options when treating low neurotransmitters and many of

Treating Inflammation with Tart Cherry Juice

  Inflammation is a chronic issue that plagues many people today. Most households have an anti-inflammatory medication in their home. When treating chronic problems such as arthritis or general pain most turn to their bottle of Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or Aspirin. Until recently no one paid much attention to what they can do to your body long term. Recent data has revealed how much liver damage some of the products can cause in excess doses. Pharmaceutical companies have had to reduce how much they can put in prescription medications.  NSAID's such as Aspirin can irritate the stomach or cause ulcers when taken frequently over a period of time. As a pharmacist I see people taking over the counter medications all the time, and not realize the long term consequences they have. The title "over the counter" ensures a feeling of safety among many people without knowledge there are risks in taking these products. With all these known risks, would a natural product be better? One product I often recommend for inflammation is Tart Cherry Juice, taken from cherries. One noticeable feature about a cherry is the bright red color indicative of anthocyanins.   Cherries are packed with these unique anthocyanins and other compounds that naturally mediate the inflammatory process. They have been shown to help reduce fatigue and inflammation. Tart cherries contain a number of potent antioxidants and have been used in patients with cancer. They have also been shown to have positive effects in patients with elevated blood sugar and cholesterol.  Tart Cherries also contains melatonin and can help patients struggling to fall sleep.  I find that if a patient can get a good night sleep, they have more energy, feel better, and are much more productive throughout the day.

Testing Compounds

One of the key components of a compounding pharmacy is frequent testing of products that are made. We random sample various products in the pharmacy as part of our quality assurance.  We work with Eagle Analytical and other companies to test our products to ensure they are both potent and sterile.  We also have extended stability tests performed on products to make sure your product is a quality one for a long time.  Ask your compounding pharmacy to show you their potency or extended stability reports. Below is an example of one our latest potency reports.  As you can see our agents show a 95%-100% potency range.  You are required to have compounds show agent potency between 90%-110% per USP 795. Hormone Potency Report

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)

I have had several emails and calls over the past month regarding low dose Naltrexone (LDN).  While this medication has been known to me for quite some time, I was unaware of its many uses.  Naltrexone in it's full strength is used for alcohol and opioid dependence.  However, Naltrexone at much smaller doses such as 1mg or 3mg has been shown in some studies to improve the immune system, and help with auto-immune disorders.  Dr Bihari began working with Naltrexone in 1985 in New York City and has been an advocate of its use. In 2007 a study was published on its use in Crohn's disease - it can be found here Another video published regarding MS and the use of LDN-  A general explanation of how LDN works-  There is a lot of information out there that pertains to LDN, and it requires time to sort out what pertains to specific conditions. At Heartland we compound LDN in a slow release or immediate release form.  If Methocel is used- it can create a gel matrix slowing the drug dissolution down, other fillers will not.  Regardless of the filler, a hypoallergenic, dye-free, and clear capsule should be used with FDA inspected chemicals.  As a PCCA member we are provided with the best tools and training available to compounding pharmacists. We work with providers that can prescribe and help you with inflammatory and auto-immune disorders. Email or call us for more information if you would like more information regarding LDN.  

Heartland Apothecary – Medication Managed

It's not surprising to see the number of patients taking six or seven medications daily. What's more surprising is that many of these patient's don't know what they all are. One of the most common combinations of medication I see are anti-depressants and sleeping medications. One of the major concerns I have with this combination is the chemical compounds in these pills over a long period of time can be addictive.  You can't sleep or function without taking them.  One class of patients I see this frequently in are  patients who have had children in the past couple years.  Many of their issues are actually hormone related, but they are not being tested or treated for the hormones they are deficient in.  One recent patient case was a women who had trouble sleeping, the issue had progressed to the point she was taking multiple medications to sleep.  The lack of sleep had caused several issues of heartburn, and weight gain. These factors led to depression and she was placed on another medication for it as well. After going through her medical history, medications and nutrition I discovered several things that we decided to amend. I first recommended she eat much cleaner, cut out the junk food and heavy carbohydrates before bedtime, and eat more vegetables and lean meat.  She did not like vegetables, however we were able to give her Barlean Greens which is a chocolate shake that has more greens in it than most people eat.  It is also a very tasty shake when mixed with milk or almond milk.  The next thing we addressed was the sleep issue.  We provided her with a couple supplements that would not only help with getting her sleep regulated, but also with her metabolism and daily function. The supplements would also help

Nicotine Addiction- The solution

We have all heard how smoking is bad for you. It can cause cancer, respiratory problems, and cause other cardiovascular diseases. It has been estimated that there are 1.3 billion smokers and if trends continue, it will kill 10 million people yearly by 2020. The agent that causes you to continue to smoke is nicotine which is highly addictive. People who don't smoke don't realize how hard it is to quit. There are several options available, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, and even medications such as Zyban. Even with the number of options available people still find it hard to quit. At Heartland Apothecary we have incorporated nicotine into lollipops. This delivery form accomplishes several things. First, it imitates the motion of putting a cigarette int your mouth. This is a highly addictive motion that smokers find hard to stop. Secondly, you are able to feed your nicotine craving without inhaling smoke and chemicals found in cigarettes. You can start with a few lollipops a day and reduce the number you eat to one a day to slowly withdraw from the nicotine. This slow withdrawal process prevents many of the side effects you can get if you stop smoking "cold turkey". We have had many success stories with patients when they go through this process. Call us at Heartland Apothecary and speak with one of our pharmacists today!

Anxiety? Your not alone

Anxiety effects millions of people in the United States.  According to statistics over 40 million adults are affected by anxiety which makes it the most common mental illness in the U.S.  The cost for treating anxiety is up to $42 billion dollars a year and rising.  Anxiety can change a persons mood, way of life, and overall health.  I have seen patients whose blood pressure has been elevated due to the anxiety of sitting in a chair waiting to get their blood pressure taken.  The economy, your job, and overall your lifestyle can effect your levels of anxiety.   With what we know about anxiety, there are ways to keep it at maintainable levels so that we can manage our daily lives without feeling stressed. These are several tips I give patients on how to deal with it. 1)-Plan ahead-  figure out what you need to do for the next day when you get a moment of peace.  Everyone has time to sit down and do it, it just takes practice of getting in the habit to do it. 2) Set time schedules-  If you are planning to do something, figure out how much time you are willing to spend on it, and make sure you complete it within that time frame. Allow yourself plenty of time to do it, but use your time wisely. 3) Set a budget- I know budgets are hard to plan, and not easy to stick to, but make an outline of what you can afford in a month and do your best to stick to it.  Spending more than what you have and having very little at the end of the month creates a high level of anxiety. Money problems

Treating Athletes Foot

Whether your training or just simply going through life you may encounter a condition called athlete's foot.  As the name implies, the area effected is the foot and it is caused by a fungus. It is accompanied by flaking, itching and usually burning on the bottom or sides of the foot. In college the rule was to never take a shower barefoot because someone always had athlete's foot. If you haven't already guessed, the mode of transmission is from person to person, so walking barefoot with athlete's foot is not a good idea. What's interesting is that less than 1% who are barefoot most of the time acquire athlete's foot.  The reason is because their feet are able to dry out and not retain as much moisture as it would in a tennis shoe. If you have seen the show Dual Survival you will get a chuckle out of watching Cody Lundin survive barefooted in the jungle, desert, swamp, and every other condition you can think of. However his feet are always healthy, and actually the rate of injury going barefoot is much less than wandering around with shoes. Once you have athlete's foot, the question is how to treat it.  There are several over the counter treatments that people try although if the fungus is a hard to treat candida or yeast species you may have to go another route. One compound we find extremely useful for it is topical formulation of fluconazole and ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that exhibits antimicrobial activity against Candida albicans and non-albicans strains.  It has been found to work very well when mixed with fluconazole. It actually increases the potency of fluconazole, essentially making it much stronger