Specialized therapy-Urology

At Heartland Apothecary we offer a number of medications to treat issues that arise from  erectile dysfunction or testosterone deficiency. We offer testosterone replacement in forms of pellets, creams, capsules, and oral suspensions. We also offer bladder instillation solutions. We work with several providers in our area and can help you locate one to fit your needs.

Compounding Beakers

One of our most successful compounds for erectile dysfunction is an injectable called “Triple Mix”. It has been a highly successful compound in treating erectile dysfunction with minimal to no pain. We also offer treatments to battle Pyronie’s disease.

We also have formulated a unique blend of  a lidocaine that can be used by many procedures done by urologists such as

Uretheral Distilltion
Catheter Placement

We understand this can be a difficult time so before you make a decision schedule a consult with one of our pharmacists to look at options you have. For more information contact us today!